Monday, 8 November 2010

From today's news...

Here are some links to various news reports on today's events:

Statements regarding the resignation of the bishops:

Statement from the Catholic Bishops Conference of England & Wales.

Statement from the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Statement from the five bishops who are resigning.

Pastoral Letter from the Bishop of Fulham.

Statement from Forward in Faith.

Statements regarding Provincial Episcopal Visitors and Alternative Episcopal Oversight provision:

Statement from the Bishop of Chichester regarding PEV provision.

Statement from the Bishop of London regarding the Bishop of Fulham.

Radio and TV coverage:

Bishop John Broadhurst was interviewed by Channel 4 News. That interview can be viewed here: Anglican bishops defect to Rome.

Bishop Andrew Burnham was interviewed twice on BBC Radio 4 today. Those two interviews can be heard here: Anglican Bishop joins Catholics to bring 'churches closer'. and here: World at One – Bishop Andrew Burnham from 17’ 25’’.

Other media reports can be viewed here:

Catholic Herald: Five Anglo-Catholic bishops resign.

Catholic Herald: Cardinals to discuss Church reactions to the Ordinariate.

Telegraph: One-way pilgrimage to Rome.

Telegraph: Church of England in crisis as five bishops defect to Rome.

Telegraph: Church of England is ‘like a coffee chain going out of business’.

BBC: Five Anglican bishops join Catholic Church.

BBC: Senior Anglicans fly to Rome to escape women bishops.

The Times: Five Anglican bishops defect to Catholic Church.

Guardian: Abp of Canterbury accepts resignation of Anglican bishops.

Boston Globe: UK Catholics say 5 Anglican bishops converting.

Sky News: Five Anglican bishops join Roman Catholic Church.

Daily Express: Anglican bishops join Catholics.

Independent: Anglican bishops to join Catholic Church.

Catholics News Service: Vatican confirms request of five Anglican bishops.

Reuters: First group of Anglican bishops to convert to Rome.

Rome Reports (Video): Five Anglican bishops resign to become Catholics.

Daily Mail: 5 bishops join Roman Catholic Church.

Blogs and Comment:

Damian Thompson: The CofE loses five bishops in a single day. NOW will people take the Ordinariate seriously?

Valle Adurni: Five brave men.

Ordinariate Watch: The Advent of the Ordinariate.

Wannabe Anglican: Five Anglican bishops resign to cross the Tiber.

Damian Thompson: Five Anglican bishops resign to convert to Rome.

Fr Tim Finigan: Ordinariate picking up steam.


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