Saturday, 6 November 2010

Of bricks and leaks.

A splendid and very generous team of people spent this wonderful sunny day in church removing bricks and other contraptions that constituted a temporary platform created some 35 years ago. The people who put it in were very considerate as it was all laid on greaseproof paper! There is now no sign that it ever was there. Hopefully some pics will appear tomorrow as I forgot to take any.
Many thanks for the solid army of the volunteers who worked so carefully in the embellishment of our church as tomorrow we celebrate our Consecration Festival.
While I was engaged in all this it seems that some leaks (biretta tip to my friend and brother priest Fr Ed) from Lambeth via Ruth Gledhill (is it me or is it that she always gets the first news from Lambeth?) are hitting the press; these are about the Ordinariate and the new Ordinary. The Daily Telegraph wants to speak to me about all this; I have not returned the call yet. While all seems credible, wait and see is what I would want to say. Let us focus on prayer that is what really matters.

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Doodler said...

I'm sure all this speculation and invented gossip is not helpful to anyone. Those who do know where they are going will not be helped by blind guides. As you say, Father, let's just wait and pray!