Monday, 22 November 2010

Time of prayer and exploration

As you can see from the pics the event on Saturday was very well attended. After attending our bishop's last public appearence as an Anglican bishop we made it just in time for our Ordinariate meeting.
Our idea was to put the speeches on line. One we managed, the other two have crushed. It is a shame not to have Dr Kirk's contribution which as ever was splendid.
I will try to upload the text of what I said at a later time. In the meantime  please listen  to Fr Patrick who ended his brilliant speech by saying that the time for the Church of England is up.
I believe the idea of discovering the will of Christ by a majority vote in synod rather then by praying and listening to other Christians worldwide and down the ages is fundamentally wrong and sinful. What we called the Church of England is now the Church of General Synod which synod shapes it and forms it as it likes.
For many Anglo-Catholics this is a moment of realisation that any Catholic future can only exist within the Catholic Ordinariate. There are a few who are discovering that what they really are is High Church Protestants and a fewer who their faith is attached to the bricks and mortar of a particular building. For those of this disposition it must be a painful time as they realise their new world and brand new church of General Synod, it must be painful as they take the time to accept the ordination of women to anglican orders and other innovations. My prayers are with them.
Others are looking with joy and confidence to their future in the Ordinariate, a future that brings them in communion with so many Catholics and with the successor of St Peter. This joyful journey will ask some sacrifices like the possibility of leaving behind buildings and friends, maybe also money and security, but this is what our God does from time to time, look at the story of Abraham! For those excited and joyful as they explore the Ordinariate, my prayers are with them too!
It was also a delight to celebrate the feast of Christ the King yesterday with the baptism of a girl from our school. Pictures below.

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