Wednesday, 29 December 2010

on the night of the martyrdom...

If it concerns Sevenoaks and Jim doesn’t know it, well it is not worth knowing.

Today he shared with us a local legend connected with the Martyrdom of St Thomas a Becket.

The legend goes that one of the Knights that committed the abomination rode on his horse back to his home at Eynsford Castle.
On his way he realised the magnitude of his crime. Captured by remorse he stopped at the Church in Kemsing and demanded to see the priest to make his confession. The priest seeing that this crime was reserved, refused absolution and the Knight, ever more distressed, continued on his way to Eynsford Castle where he lived the rest of his days shrouded in mystery. Eynsford Castle is a haunting ruin maybe a reminder of the restless soul of the Knight.
Eynsford Castle
The local legend says that on this night the ghost of the Knight riding his horse is heard speeding through Kemsing, stopping for a while at the Parish Church, and continuing towards Eynsford soon afterwards.

Would any readers from our neighbouring Kemsing let us know if they hear but not see equine activity in their picturesque village?


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