Wednesday, 5 January 2011

To all members of the Parish of St John

I have just been approached by a journalist asking me for contact details of members of this Parish to be interviewed about the Ordinariate.
I have given no such information, so if you are approached it will be on his own steam.
I asked that the space for prayer and reflection among members of this Parish be respected, but it seems difficult for journalists to take no for an answer, well it is their job to do that, I suppose. If you are approached and want to speak to him, that is up to you, but I counsel silence and prayer. Let us continue to support one another in love and hold each other in prayer.
I am sorry for this public posting but the journalist wants to print this Sunday. 


Father Sam said...

Brilliant advice Father. I just wish every priest took the same line. Happy New to you and your folk.

Terry said...

Do be on your guard. As Catholicism is the favourite beating-boy of the press, you can be assured that any comments will be twisted to reflect badly on the Church.