Monday, 21 January 2008

II Sunday in Ordinary Time - Septuagesima

Back to green though for a very short time. Liturgically it is a great time as we are given space to discover who Jesus is, to enter into his mystery, to get ready for the holy season of Lent. Here at St John's we are also getting ready for our Year of Grace: the sesquicentenary of the dedication of our church building which we hope will be a moment of refreshment for the living stones in the temple of God. It is also the Octave of Prayer for Christian Unity. Here at St John's we have a candle that is lit for the whole duration of the week - day and night .

The day started with the early Mass. I like the early Mass, it is quiet and it happens at the time of the Resurrection: early on the first day of the week. There is nothing like walking to church for the early Mass on Sunday.

A good attendance for the early Mass, with a new face or two. I spoke about the real meaning of Lamb at the time of Jesus and what John, our patron saint, was really meaning. We also reflected on the call to discipleship and how this changes us completely.

After Mass Fr Mark arrived and we shared Lauds. The choir rehearsed and the busyness before the Parish Mass was in full sway.

Mass was very well attended with some new faces too. The Sunday school was really full and we realised that we need a creche. Parents are getting together this week to explore a creche and maybe a Parish play group.

Fr Mark preached a good sermon using Andrew to talk about mission, especially for us as we embark upon the Year of Grace.

After Communion two young members of the choir: Guy and Charlotte received medals in recognition for their outstanding contribution to the life of the choir.

Many remained for coffee after Mass for a long time; the churchwardens and I have had time for a brief chat on the pending petitioning for a faculty to install our new stained glass windows. I hope that such petition (in triplicate obviously) will be in by the end of this week.

The visit to the local hospital as usual was a joy. One family has Maltese relations and it was a treat to hear this twelve year old wishing me "Sahha" (Health literally translated but it means good bye) in my native tongue.

Today is St Agnes that wonderful hero of the Faith. I am praying for St Agnes Kennington as tonight they celebrate their Patronal Festival and wish Fr Christopher and his people a wonderful day.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this video, sent to me by my friend David, and no it did not happen at St John's.

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