Thursday, 24 January 2008

St John's Church Primary School

Since the word go our church always worked hard for the education of the children of the Parish. St John's school is a living proof of this. Fr Mark acts as chaplain to the school. He ensures that every Tuesday collective worship is provided without fail. In fact it is provided to a very high standard. Every other month there is a whole school Mass, which as it happens took place yesterday.

Lindsay Williams and myself sit on the Governing body as Foundation Governors; Carole Bonner and Fr Mark as Associate Governors. Clergy from St John's visit the school regularly and have pastoral contact with pupils, families and staff. At the moment the school is in the capable hands of Mrs Catherine Taylor who is covering for Mrs Margaret Pearson who is off on sick. In her short time at the school Mrs Taylor has dedicated herself completely and is making a very positive impact.

Every year pupils in Year 6 are taken to the childrens pilgrimage in Walsingham, and the whole school comes to church to celebrate the major events of the Christian Year.

Above is the photo of the school from the outside. Below you can see the crucifix at the entrance of the school together with the school banner, the special religious corner in the school hall, this term focusing on the virtue of love, a display about the School Mass and a mosaic by the school entrance done by the pupils in 2004.

Every member of St John's church is very fond of the school and all work hard to forge stronger and deeper links. At present the Mothers Union is establishing a new after school club for the pupils to complement others that already take place.

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