Wednesday, 16 January 2008

PCC Meeting

Last night we had a very productive PCC meeting. It started with a round of applause as members learnt that Mr & Mrs Taylor were this afternoon blessed with the gift of their first born: a son.

Amongst other things the PCC resolved to petition for a faculty to install two new windows to complete the other two already in place. All four will be the design of Caroline Benyon. The two new windows depict the Ascension and Pentecost. The first will be installed in memory of Fr Donald Pharoah, a benefactor of this Parish and the second to commemorate the Year of Grace.

The photos uploaded here show the two already in place and the signature of the artist.

It was also decided to petition for a memorial for Fr Pharoah.

At the end of the meeting the PCC decided to start using the pew sheets designed by Forward in Faith called Forward! These are attractive designs full of inspirational material that can also be distributed in hospitals, nursing homes and our school.

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