Monday, 14 January 2008

The Baptism of the Lord

A very busy lead up for this week end which started with the sad news of the death of a member of our congregation early on Friday morning. Tina received the sacraments of the church at Maidstone hospital when Fr Mark and I visited her. There was peace in that room with her husband and mother around her. The death of the just is truly precious in the eyes of the Lord. On Friday she went to meet the risen Lord who has now called her by name in the gardens of paradise. We all prayed for her on Sunday morning and are thinking about her husband and her family.

After the early Mass and Lauds the choir started their practice for the Mass where they gave a wonderful rendition of an anthem by John Rutter: A Gaelic Blessing.

A very good turn out for the Sung Mass where Fr Mark celebrated and I preached. We reflected on the revelation of God as Trinity and on the Mission of the Messaiah revealed in the waters of the Jordan, on this day he accepted the regal way, the one that led to the cross and beyond. We used the window in church depicting this event as our sermon illustration. I reproduce that image here.

The day came to a close with the usual visits to the hospital, There was good news for Linda who has been awaiting her special bed for a long time; now that the bed has arrived she will go back to the joys of her home. At 6pm our youth group BOBS met and a good time was had by all.

The green vestments are now out though only for a very short time as Lent is just round the corner.

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