Monday, 3 March 2008

Lent IV

This week end saw the publication of the March edition of the Parish Magazine. Our Magazine editor was hard at work to produce what is an outstanding edition. It is available to download from our Parish website:

In it there is the Holy Week Programme. Posters of the same were posted in strategic places to encourage more to join in during those Holy Days to re-live the mysteries of our salvation. The poster can be found on:

Fr Mark celebrated the early Mass for which we had some new faces. Rose coloured vestments were prepared for the Parish Mass. At 9am Lauds was offered followed by the choir rehearsing the Panis Angelicus by Saint-Saens. They gave a very worthy rendition of it during Communion.

After Communion bunches of daffodils were brought to the altar to be blessed. Children of all ages came up to take some to their mothers. The first bunch however was offered to our heavenly mother.

In the afternoon I met a couple for wedding preparation and at 4pm did my usual visit in hospital. Many of the patients are still talking about the Bishop’s visit last Wednesday. So are some of the staff. One of the staff was saying that when she went to work the late shift on Wednesday one of the patients was saying to her how much she enjoyed the special visit earlier that day. The member of staff told her that she knew that the Bishop was visiting, to which the lady replied: “Oh no it wasn’t a bishop; it was the Pope!” Next time you meet the Bishop of Fulham do not forget to address him as: “Your Holiness”.
The fourth in the series of Lent with St Benedict was very well presented by Roger and once more much enjoyed. With Benediction we came to an end for the day and look forward to a busy week preparing for Holy Week; the week above all others.

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