Thursday, 6 March 2008

I have never blessed a swimming pool, before yesterday. I was asked by Walthamstow Hall School, an independent school for girls which is situated in our parish, to bless their new swimming pool. The Head Teacher, a hard working and full of enthusiasm person, has asked me to do the honours. So I went yesterday at 8.30am. The Hall was full with students and parents and friends of the school. An assembly with prayers took place in which the new swimming pool was blessed. It is a state of the art building, an Olympic size swimming pool. It is impressive from the outside and inside and also from the hidden rooms in the basement where all the mechanisms for filtering and heating are. Many congratulations to the school and firm of architects who were able to come up with such a wonderful resource for the pupils.
The guest of honour for the official opening was Ms Katy Sexton MBE, World Champion and Olympic Swimmer. Katy is preparing for the next Olympics and from here we wish her well.
During her speech Katy recounted the story of an injury she sustained before the last Olympics. Her choice was either an easy one: to give up; or a hard one, to keep on working patiently until her shoulder healed. Katy went for the hard choice. Persistence paid. Her words were truly inspirational for all the pupils gathered: never give up, it is not worth it!
If ever you are called to bless a swimming pool here is the prayer I used:

Blessing of swimming pool at
Walthamstow Hall School, Sevenoaks
5th March 2008

Heavenly Father, this morning we come to you with thanksgiving in our hearts.
We give you thanks for the gift of life and all the joys with which you kindly surround us.
We give you thanks for the gift of sports, for the health of our bodies which we receive through it and for the maturity we reach through healthy competition.
It is with thankfulness that we approach you today as we give thanks for the life and work of this school, and especially today for this new swimming pool.
Bless + this new swimming pool. Bless all those who made it possible, all those involved in its planning, construction and maintenance. Above all, Loving Father, we ask your blessing on all those who will use it: protect them from all harm, refresh them by its waters and grant them health in mind and body.
This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ your Son Our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit now and for ever. Amen.

This week is very busy with preparations for our AGM on Sunday and all the booklets for Holy Week being prepared. The coverings are out of the drawer ready to cover the statutes and crosses in church as we approach Lent V. We had four and a half weeks of Lent so far, does it show in our lives?

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