Sunday, 9 March 2008

Lent V

An eventful weekend which augurs well for Holy Week.

After the morning Mass on Saturday a good time was spent covering all that had to be covered in church in readiness for today.

The day started with early Mass, followed by Morning Prayer and the choir rehearsal. Very good numbers for the Sung Mass. We explored the raising of Lazarus and saw how Jesus calls us to life and frredom. Today we were glad to welcome amongst us Mrs Ruth Ward, the wife of the former incumbent, now Principal of St Stephen’s House. We look forward to welcome Fr Robin on our special day in November to commemorate the 150th of our existence.

After Mass we had a retiring collection for the White Flower Appeal to support the pro-life agency that works against the horrible crime of abortion and supports those who went through such an ordeal.

Just after 11.30 we had the annual meeting of Parishioners followed by the Annual Parochial Church Meeting.

Mr Richard Wilson and Mr David Bonner were elected as churchwardens. We thank Mr Ian Woods the outgoing churchwarden for his exemplary dedication in the past years.

We went through our usual reports and elected members for Deanery Synod and the PCC. We also spoke about reordering in church, which suggestions were approved unanimously.

Afternoon visit to hospital I had some time to spend with the staff, gave communion to those who receive It and chatted with the other patients and relatives.
Back to church I enjoyed our fifth in the series of Lent with St Benedict. Well done Roger. It was splendid to end the day and open the week with Benediction.
A flying visit to our Youth Club as they were enjoying their karaoke night brought this joyful day to an end.

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