Friday, 14 March 2008

Our Lady of Sorrows

Many things happen as we approach Holy Week. The normal rounds sustained, time is to be carved for all the other things that need to be done. One needs to hear the Lord instructing us to go and prepare for him and those whom we serve for the Passover. And so we do, with joy!

Pottery for the Last Supper display is at hand, all liturgical booklets ready, sermons too.
Now one focuses on fine detail and is refreshed by today’s feast day: Our Lady of Sorrows. It is an old custom of the church to keep the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows today; I recommend it as we can confide our experience of the coming Holy Week to her.

Tomorrow is St Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church. Above all else he is the saint of silence, no one word from his mouth is recorded in the gospels! Surely there is a lesson.

Above a picture of the procession of Our Lady of Sorrows in Malta. Also pictures of things mentioned in this post.

Sadly yesterday our part of town was at the mercy of some hooded teens. Our West window got a treatment from them and below is a pic. We prayed hard for them yesterday that they may find fulfilment in more productive activities. What does an event like this say to us? I hope to find some answer in Holy Week.

PS. We are praying for good weather for Sunday morning…

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Fr Lee Kenyon said...


An excellent post. We did the Via Matris this evening at church and it was very moving.

I'm sorry that your west window suffered at the hands of those without anything better to do.

Have a good Holy Week in Sevenoaks. Your liturgies look most inviting!