Sunday, 16 March 2008

Palm Sunday

Jerusalem, we stand within your walls, may we have the grace to follow faithfully in the footsteps of your redeemer. We read in the Passion Narrative this morning that the disciples fled, however, we know that others stood by the cross. This is the choice we face this week, to flee or stand by the cross. May we be with those blessed standing faithfully at the place of redemption, with those whose hearts were filled once and for all with the joy of the risen life.

Fr Mark celebrated the Early Mass in which Palm Crosses were blessed and
distributed to those present. Lauds was at 8.45am whilst the choir rehearsed in the Parish Hall.
At 9.45am the choir intoned the Palm Sunday Antiphon: Hosanna Filio David, as all were assembled in our school grounds. Many thanks for Mrs Pearson, the Headteacher, who supported us in this. The palms, palm crosses and other branches were blessed, the gospel sung and off we went, assisted by police escort, down Quakers Hall Lane to the church. The grey sky and drizzle did not deter us from witnessing.
Everyone enjoyed the Procession and Mass and there is a feel of expectancy for Holy Week.
Many people surrounded our Last Supper display, a representation, as faithful as can be, to the supper which Jesus had with the Twelve on the night before he died.

We had enquirers today about baptisms, and more new faces in the congregation.

At 4pm I went down to hospital taking Communion to those who receive It and visiting the other patients. I also had time to chat briefly to some of the dedicated staff.

At 6pm we had the last in the series Lent with St Benedict. Roger, our Reader, truly gave us wonderful meditations for Lent; St Benedict was truly a good companion and Master. Booklets with all six speeches are available.
Everything should be ready for Holy Week; we look forward to glory in the cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in whom is our life and redemption!

PS More photos are available in our website under recent events.

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