Monday, 7 April 2008

Easter III

The day started with a blanket of white snow covering the whole of the Parish; what a change from the mild weather we had on Friday. The snow did not deter the faithful from coming to Mass. After the Early Mass and Lauds everything was put in place for the Parish Mass with the Baptism of Rachel. Rachel was born last August and has been coming to church regularly with her mum and dad. It was a great joy for all of us to share in this event.

The afternoon started with writing a baptism and confirmation certificate in Latin for a Parishioner who will be married in Poland soon. This man was a server here and it is amazing how much he felt at home after so many years away.

I enjoyed my usual visit in hospital where all patients were busy talking about the snow and sharing their own stories about it, a gentleman kept us all holding our breaths as he was describing an experience of racing a car surrounded by snow, it seems that Health & Safety was not well developed sixty years ago. Back from hospital some correspondence brought this white Sunday to an end.

Below you can see some pictures of the Parish Archives, which I have recently re-located. One needs to be disciplined on approaching such material because some serious hours can disappear very quickly.

The first ever Parish Magazine was published in January 1883 and was called: The Banner of Faith.The oldest Register of Services, January 1928.

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