Monday, 5 May 2008

The Ascension of Our Lord

What an action filled week end it was.
Friday was a busy day with Home Communions by Fr Mark, hospital visit, usual round of liturgy ending with Vespers and Benediction. Stuart was busy in the Parish Office preparing and printing the pew sheets (now available on line: and all the other small things that we need for Sunday.
Saturday after Mass an eight strong contingent headed off to St Silas, Kentish Town in London for the Society of Mary May devotions. We really enjoyed the day especially the outdoor procession passing through Camden Town – what an act of witness it really was! (Photo above is the statue of Our Lady carried in procession). While we were in London another group was very busy cleaning the church, we have a very good army of church cleaners (photo to the left) led by David and Margaret Edmeads – the church is spotless.
Sunday being Ascension Day started with the Early Mass celebrated by Fr Mark. Afterwards we recited Lauds and made sure that everything was in place for the Sung Mass. During this Mass we reflected upon our responsibility in continuing the work started by Jesus together as Church.
After the notices, this being the first Sunday in May, we had the procession of the May Queen and her retinue, where the May Queen presented to Our Lady a tribute in the name of all of us. (Photos below) After Mass these girls were congratulated for the wonderful way in which they carried out their duties.
It was good to meet people after Mass and especially new faces enquiring about the sacraments and an ordinand from St Nicholas in Sevenoaks who on the advice of the Diocesan Director of Ordinands came to see what Anglo-Catholic worship and life is like. We are meeting again this week to find other experiences for him to join in. It was a treat to meet him and his wife.
In the afternoon I went for my usual hospital visit. Almost all beds in hospital are taken and the staff are stretched to the limits. Patients realise the pressure under which the staff are working and all have words of praise for the care that they are receiving. Among those receiving communion at the hospital was a whole family. The father is going through a very difficult time health wise. He is surrounded by the love of his wife and two young children. Please do keep this wonderful and exemplary Christian family in your prayers. I have rarely seen such faith ever – Praised be God!
Straight to church after hospital for Rosary and Benediction. Fr Mark led this service assisted by Frances and Roy. The Most Blessed Sacrament is exposed “ad ostium” and the rosary is recited in front of Our Lord. Fr Mark provided us with a reflection at every Mystery. The devotion ended with Benediction.
When everyone left the image of Our Lady of Greatness was moved to the centre of the chancel in readiness for the celebration of her feast day on Thursday – more on that later on.

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