Sunday, 15 June 2008

XI Sunday in Ordinary Time

Early Mass, celebrated by Fr Mark was followed by the public recitation of Lauds. Choir practice was held. The choir is very busy rehearsing for the Patronal Festival Mass. The setting is Haydn’s Missa Brevis S. Ioannes de Deo.

During the Parish Mass we had the baptism of Edward Oliver, the parents offered cake for all afterwards. The atmosphere in the Hall was great. We had new members in our congregation today and they were really touched by the welcome they received. After Mass people donated generously for our Festival expenses and many are looking forward for our big day on Sunday. The poster for the event is in the previous post. David and Margaret where busy selling their wonderful plants to collect funds for our Walsingham Cell. Exciting news about the Cell will be published here shortly, watch this space!

In the afternoon I went for the usual visit in hospital. Hospital is a place of suffering and healing, for me it is also a place of grace. A patient asked to make peace with God as the time is drawing near, as the confession was mingled with tears I could not but think of Augustine of Hippo and what he says about tears of joy and forgiveness! I also enjoyed talking to staff; I am always touched by their dedication and hard work.

And so another day ended, hopefully all our work was pleasing to the Lord; I never stop counting my blessings of being the Parish Priest of such a wonderful congregation. Laus Deo, now and always!

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