Thursday, 19 June 2008

For the last week or so I have been reading a book by Jean-Yves Leloup for meditation time. The name of the book is “Being Still”. It is a reflection about Eastern spirituality and prayer. It is an easy read and communicates to different levels of being. If you are looking for some spiritual reading, why not give this book a go?

As regards formation reading I have been re-reading Vladimir Lossky, “In the image and likeness of God”. I consider this book one that is always fresh, with new insights to give almost in every page. The first three chapters of the book consider God’s presence as both darkness and light. It speaks to us about how to stand before God, in reality where to start from. I feel blessed that I managed to carve time every day to delve in both these books.

In Parish life since Monday I had the opportunity to discuss Christian discipleship with someone who tries to live his faith to the full; the opportunity of discussing the following of Christ with those who are thinking about Marriage, Confirmation or baptism for their children.

On Tuesday I almost managed a full day of rest and in the evening celebrated Mass and chaired our PCC. In an hour and five minutes we went through a lot of business. We approved a scheme put forward by the Pastoral Assistant called First Words which aims at parents with babies and toddlers, offered financial support to our youth group called Bobs, discussed our celebrations for the Year of Grace and started to look forward at 2009 which for us will be the Year of Mission. Our intention at the moment is to cater for all ages in the congregation, and building on our strong foundations we are on the right track.

Yesterday was mainly devoted to our Festival. Fr Mark proof read and is now printing booklets, whilst Roy and I did some work on the shrine of St John in church. Correspondence and e-mail took most of the afternoon and hymn lists for the next few months followed. After Vespers our cubs visited the church, we saw the different things that happen in it and aspects of our faith. They were really well behaved and are a credit for their leaders.

Immediately after this meeting I had another one with the churchwardens and an architect who came to discuss with us our project of having a glass second door to the church. We eagerly wait for his report on the matter; it seems to be a great project that will enhance the fabric of the church.

And now another day, asking upon it God’s help as we enter the intensive time of preparation for our Festival.

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