Monday, 23 June 2008

Festival Sunday II

Wow! What an evening it was. With over 200 people and the sanctuary packed full of clergy, there was no spare room in church. The Bishop preached a very good sermon about streams of living water that have been tapped into for the last 150 years here at St Johns, and urged us to witness to the Faith Catholic so that this spring may remain forever fresh and abundant.
The music of the Mass was to very great standards, the orchestra professional and the Director of Music outstanding. The team of Servers did a great job and are now getting more comfortable with dignity and elegance of the rituals of our Faith.

After Mass, the Vicarage garden looked small to accommodate all the people. The catering team made a very good job and the Hog roast was a real treat. A jazz band provided the background music for all this and was indeed appreciated by one and all.

Above all I am impressed with the young people of St John who led us in the Universal Prayers. We are very fortunate to have so many young members of the Church who go on the altar to lead prayers in front of a packed church with no hesitation whatsoever; as one of them told me during the party: “This is like my home.” Well done! It is!

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