Sunday, 22 June 2008

Festival Sunday

Private Lauds before the Early Mass set off our Festival Sunday. After Mass I went down to our Scout quarters where the troop are enjoying a week-end together. My Father-in-law, who is here from Malta for a flying visit, joined me and took these pictures.

At 9.30am the whole contingent gathered around the flag and than walked into the outdoor chapel. There we had prayers and Roger, our Reader, gave us a smashing talk about St John. All enjoyed learning about his diet and a very large drawing of a locust was held for all to see: a locust a day keeps...

Straight home where a team of people started working in the Vicargae Garden for what promises to be a great feast while another dedicated team are in the hall kitchen preparing all the goodies that will accompany the Hog.

More updates later.

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