Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Of beatings and bishopesses

This story comes from the online edition of the Daily Telegraph. The liberals in the Anglican Communion can not help themselves any more but show their true colours. It is said, scratch a liberal find a fascist, how true! Here they show us the door as we do not agree with their latest trend. Now an American bishopess claims that some male bishops present at Lambeth are probably beating their wives. (What would have she said if GAFCON bishops were present?) This is the fascist tactic of mud throwing. Can Catherine Roskam be more accurate or substantiate these grave accusations? Are they or are they not? What makes this probability so plausible as to make such a statement? And are these probable beatings occurring in one part of the communion rather than in another? I have read very painfully the history of pre World War II fascists in Germany and Italy, it always started from mud throwing, planting doubts, speculating and quietly slandering and we all know where it all ends. It is very good and right for wife beating, or beating of any person or creature to be clearly and firmly denounced. So if this bishopess has any concrete evidence she should speak out and spell it out, a crime like this, especially coming from a bishop, can not be kept secret, the name is to be named. Otherwise this can not be but a mud slinging, diverting tactic, trying to show that a section of those bishops at Lambeth are second class and not fully up to scratch to join the club.

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