Monday, 21 July 2008

Forward in Faith resolution

A Resolution just agreed by the FiF Council:

The Council of Forward in Faith, meeting at Canterbury on 21st July, was appalled at the outcome of the recent General Synod debate of 7th July. The Council remains determined to respond to the needs of its members by securing a structural solution comprising discrete dioceses for those in conscience opposed to the ordination of women as bishops.

Stephen Parkinson
This blog rejoices in the passing of this reolution and supports Forward in Faith in its work to secure for Anglo-Catholics a structural solution in which their ecclesial identity and cohesion can not be simply tolerated but flourish. Now we know the destination; behind this leadership we must lay aside all our private judgements and follow in faith through the unknown paths to which the Holy Spirit calls us. It is only after the journey in the desert that we may arrive to the Promised Land.

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