Sunday, 20 July 2008

Mass on Saturday morning was celebrated on the altar of Our Lady of Walsingham. We united ourself spiritually with those in Walsingham and prayed for them and our new Walsingham Cell Leadership Team.
After Mass I went to the Hall where “First Words” was in full swing. This new project is run by Jackie, our Pastoral Assistant. This event will give the opportunity for parents to bring their toddlers and spend some quality time together while helpers play with and look after the young ones. As you can see from the attached photos it was a success.

After this I had a pastoral meeting with young parents seeking baptism for their son. These parents are seeking more than baptism, I can see that soon they will become regulars.
This morning Fr Mark celebrated the Early Mass. We shared Lauds together and made sure that all was ready for the Sung Mass. Roger preached a very good sermon today that made the Gospel passage very relevant to us.
After the notices three young members of the choir received promotions. They deserved the massive round of applause they received. It was a great joy after Mass to spend time with people in the hall over coffee. Margaret and David had the plant stall to raise funds for the Walsingham Cell - thank you!
Visit to the hospital was followed by our 6pm evening reflection, today, as part of the Year of St Paul, we looked at the letter of St Paul to Philemon. Thus ended another good Sunday here at St Johns, a really inclusive Anglo-Catholic Church where all of us strive to bend our wills to the will of Him who calls us here.

An unusual visitor to the Vicarage Garden

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