Monday, 28 July 2008

A normal parish day with Lauds, Mass, Sacred Space, Office of Readings and Vespers; all these were offered for our intention which today was our Sesquicentenary, that for all members of this parish it may be a moment of grace, blessing and spiritual growth. Office work kept me going as I am trying to get everything set before I go on holiday.
Today my meditation was on Faith. I came across a postcard which a friend sent me recently, it is an old post card without copyright restrictions and so I post the picture above. This sculpture was done by an artist called Legros. This one is at the Chiesa del’ Gesu` in Rome. It is very theatrical yet so simple and moving.
The figure standing to the left represents Faith. It’s head is covered in submission to God’s will and not its own. It holds the cross, almost slipping away as it is difficult to carry and lifts its arm holding the light and flame of Faith. Faith witnesses standing on its own two feet even and especially when the terrain is difficult. It is this submission, costly love, witness and courage that dispel heresy and confusion represented by the two falling figures on the right. Stand firm, I hear as I see this image, and God will do the rest.
I am sickened of traces of news coming from Lambeth, of people wanting to discuss sex and homosexual bishops. Is the faith not clear enough on this? Sex is to happen within the bonds of marriage, full stop, period, end of story. If people want to abuse God’s gift of sex then its up to them; but it will never mean that such abuse is acceptable for those who follow the footsteps of Christ. It seems that Gene Robinson wants to pass as appropriate what the Faith held by everyone, always and everywhere considers as sin. He wants to re-write Faith, showing that breaking Marriage vows is acceptable and that homosexual acts are good. Faith is clear on these and other issues that Lambeth wants to debate, which the cynical bit in me wants to read as re-write. Gene Robinson said that while wasting time debating these matters people in the third world are starving. Too true. What is he doing in Lambeth? If people are starving why is he not seeing to them? Is it not better for him to stick to the Faith, repent and stop tearing apart the Mystical body of Christ? We can all focus then in peace on proclaiming the Gospel. If we live by the Gospel no one will starve.
Back to real life in Sevenoaks. Married life here is valued and upheld. Yesterday we rejoiced with Amy and Michael as the third time of asking in their marriage banns was completed. Today I rejoice with Frances and Rob whose engagement is now publicly announced. Michael and Amy, Frances and Rob you are very much in my prayers and those of our congregation. Entering this holy state is a wonderful thing, by your common life, stand up and let the Faith once delivered to the saints shine as never before.


Fr. Jeffrey Steel said...

Well said, Father! This new look is very nice as well. Keep up the good work. Blessings to you and yours!

Father Ed said...

A fat vicar not far away wanted to stand and applaud as he read. The faith is such a clear and simple thing to those that have eyes to see and ears to hear! What a farce Lambeth is!