Sunday, 27 July 2008

What a splendid summer day! It is a very short walk from home to church but it was much enjoyed. The Early Mass showed that people are away on holiday. I drew my breath for later on. As the choir are on holiday there was no practice but Lauds was recited as usual. The organist for the day arrived in good time and David, one of the churchwardens made sure that she had all she needs for the Sung Mass.
I was pleasantly surprised to see a good turn out for Mass and even some new people. After the offertory the Sunday School surprised Mrs Annie with a wonderful card enhanced by their own work. Mrs Annie tomorrow goes in hospital for surgery and this blog unites with the young members of our church in wishing her well. Some of the parents sitting in church this morning had Mrs Annie as their teacher in Sunday school too.
After Mass many came in the Parish Hall for refreshments, one family has many celebrations today, two birthdays and a wedding anniversary – many best wishes.
I also had a meeting with the our hard working and dedicated churchwardens looking ahead to the next few months and also filling faculty forms – what joys!
After lunch and an hour looking at Maltese on-line newspapers I went to hospital to give communion to some and visit others. A patient and his wife shared with me their lovely story and we committed it to prayer. Another patient spoke to me wonderfully about the way she offers her sufferings for persecuted Christians especially those in China, and another elderly patient reminded me that we need to keep our gaze fixed towards heaven, is not that just wonderful, especially after preaching about judgement. Following the patients, I had time to talk to the hard working and dedicated staff. On my way home met a family who enquired about baptism. Am sitting now watching Songs of Praise (trying to understand what non-Christians make of Christians when they see this) and updating the blog. Vespers will be privately offered later for a family in the parish and this will be followed by free time.
Another wonderful day of rest and of the Lord in this happy parish.

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