Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The parish duties fill the day, two funerals and a standing committee meeting apart from the usual liturgical rounds and a sermon to plan and write. A day that was grounded this morning in the Mass which we offered for the Church., also a day peppered with many phone calls of friends assuring me of their prayers and other friends asking how things will look.
Since the dark night of Monday many encouraging signs are emerging. Bishops assuring us that what has happened was not right, opportunities that may arise as we head for the Synod in February, members of Synod who realise that what they might have supported last Monday needs to be challenged. We await the leaders of FiF as they prayerfully think about the way ahead; we look at our Bishops and also the House of Bishops to give a lead. We rejoice that our brothers and sisters in the Roman and Orthodox Churches are saying again what has been consistently well argued that this is not right. I know many are keeping us in their prayers, and a dear friend of mine is praying for us today at the tomb of Blessed Peter. Thank you.
Synod wants to remain on the battle field, and that is where God is calling us to be. Some members in Synod find it difficult to believe that we love the Church of England, so I think they need to be reassured that we are here, and will remain here until they make it impossible for us to stay. In the meantime there is work to be done, parishes that are flourishing to be served and feet to wash.

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