Thursday, 3 July 2008

St Thomas the Apostle

Last night I attended the 4th (St John’s) Scout Group AGM at their HQ in Mill Lane. The Hall was packed with members, leaders and parents. I led the opening and closing prayers and also had the joy of blessing the outdoor chapel that the group has so lovingly prepared in the grounds. The evening was great and I was very glad to have time to talk to many of those present.
This group is very active, well supported and healthy. It is a blessing for us as a parish to be so closely linked. The huge amount of work that was carried out last year was discussed as also exciting plans for the future. The evening came to a close with presentation of badges for all those members who achieved well, all are a credit to the group. A round of applause was offered to Jo a member of our congregation, who in the last live-in week-end stayed at the camp to cook for all. Well done Jo! Many tahnks also to member of our congregation Andrew, one of the leaders in the Scout group, for his hard work both at the group and within the Parish.Today is the feast day of St Thomas the Apostle. We must be grateful to Thomas for many things but especially for giving the Church one of the most wonderful prayers and act of faith, on seeing the risen Lord he exclaimed: “My Lord and My God”. I was taught that this is the prayer we are to say every time the priest lifts the sacred elements after the words of consecration and every time one genuflects in front of the Blessed Sacrament. St Thomas is held to be the founder of the Church in India. If only the energy and zeal of the apostles would influence our commitment!
Congratulations to Fr Mark who yesterday completed his post-ordination training. Fr Mark is a great colleague and a man of integrity and prayer. Prayers please as he has completed another part of the journey in his priestly life.
Finally, a picture of the lilies in the garden – with special thanks to Brian the Vicarage gardener.

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