Tuesday, 8 July 2008

What has the General Synod of the C of E voted for?

a) That the view of its majority is for admitting women to the episcopate. That is that although for the last decades the debate has never been cast aside the Church of England is not unanimous on this. It acknowledges that a minority within it, and a majority of all believers (RC and Orthodox Churches), hold that this is not consonant with Scripture and Tradition. If this is the case how can the C of E discern in sincerity that this innovation is God’s will?

b) Special arrangements are called for those who “as a matter of theological conviction will not be able to receive the ministry of women as bishops or priests”. That is it is acknowledging that for some members (the minority) of the C of E, these women admitted to “Holy Orders” are not true priests and bishops, because if they were what is the reason for not being able to receive their ministry? One does not choose ones bishops, however attractive that may seem.

c) i. These arrangements referred to in (b) above will “be contained in a statutory national code of practice”. However no one has seen this code of practice and what it may contain is up for grabs. The journey ahead is very long and no map is available. General Synod has voted to remain on the battlefield.
ii. As regards this code, “all concerned would be required to have regard”. This means that all need to give heed to it, and let their course be affected by it; (Concise Oxford Dictionary) and the degree one needs to this is imposed by statute. Now if a bishop decides to give his own interpretation (and their will be) who is the arbiter? Does this not seem an opportunity to create pain, bitterness and resentment? Is this the kind of future that the CofE wants to offer to the acknowledged minority?

d) The GS of February is going to be very interesting, as one will see what concessions are made. I am interested to see how the inclusive C of E will work to keep everyone together. I have a feeling that some inclusivists want the minority out. Am I the only one to feel this?

Is Anglican Fudge in the air? I do not like this kind of Fudge, do you?

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