Thursday, 14 August 2008

Assumpta est Maria, alleluia!

The whole island celebrates with great joy the assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. For ten parishes (8 in Malta and 2 in Gozo) it is more special as it is their feast of title. It is a Maltese tradition to visit some of these churches saying the Rosary from one to another. Today we have visited four: Imqabba, Qrendi, Gudja and Hal Ghaxaq. Here are some pics:

1. Imqabba

It is good to note that even in the afterlife the clergy of Imqabba are properly attired!

2. Qrendi

I would love to have a go at this...

3. Gudja

...and from Gudja, a challenge to servers at St. John's

4. Hal Ghaxaq

The humble sacristy basin...

And finally pilgrims refreshed:

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