Saturday, 16 August 2008

More on the Assumption

The day after the Assumption I still wonder on what a huge feast of hope this glorious day is.
On the day of annunciation, Mary said “yes” to God; on the day of her wonderful assumption, God says “yes” to Mary. All the promises are fulfilled in her who is the type of what God wants to fulfil in us through the merits of Christ. It is a feast that encourages us to renew daily our “yes” to God and unite it with that of our crucified Lord, looking forward in hope for that glorious day when God will say His “yes” to us.
Many churches, like St John’s, will keep the feast on the Sunday within the Octave. May Our Lady star of the Sea and Portal of Heaven encourage us all to keep our eyes fixed on our heavenly city.
Yesterday I visited two feasts of the Assumption in Malta to round up the six celebrated on the island. One is at Mosta and one at H’Attard.
At Mosta the church was built on the Pantheon of Rome, slightly larger, making it one of the largest domes in the world. During World War II a bomb ripped through the dome and landed in a full church. No one was hurt and the bomb is still kept in the sacristy.
At H’Attard, I think they have the most beautiful statue of the Assumption in Malta.

1. Mosta

2. H'Attard

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