Sunday, 21 September 2008

Fr Ed of Tunbridge Wells, struggling with a question

The Infallible Quiz Master

The team that placed second!

Lauds and Mass in honour of the Martyrs of Korea was followed by a baptism practice. This over, the registers were prepared and filled. Fr Mark finished the posters for the Harvest Songs of Praise and I finished some admin. Thankfully the middle section of the day was free and I enjoyed some time with the family over at Westerham. More pennies were spent at the eccentric second hand bookshop which seems to have a never ending stock of M V Morton’s travel writings.
From 4pm First Words, a parent and toddler group met for the second time led by Mrs. Hendry. During this time, Mr Hendry (our organist) was busy doing some work in the Hall. Sadly, he injured his hand and an ambulance had to be called. One of the Paramedics to arrive on the scene was our Parish MC. Mr Hendry was taken to a local A&E and after being treated was sent home. We wish him a speedy recovery.
Another family came for their Baptism practice whilst in the Sacristy Frances was setting up all the requisites for tomorrow and Mrs Cheesman started work on displays for our Parish exhibition.
At 6.30pm with Fr Mark on the driving seat, the Parish mini bus took our teams for the FiF Rochester Quiz night. The Hall at St George’s Bickley was full and a good time was had by all. Our two teams placed second and fourth. The Quiz Master must be mathematically challenged I say! Next time…
Well done to all who organised a fun evening, we look forward for more.

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