Sunday, 21 September 2008

XXV Sunday in Ordinary Time

Walking to the church very early on the first day of the week is always a very meaningful moment for me. Walking it in the wonderful weather we had today was indeed more joyful. I appreciate the time I have before people come for the Early Mass. Lamps to be lit, short prayers at the various shrines and silent preparation for the Holy Mysteries.
A good turn out for the Mass, we reflected about those who sat in the market squares and how God’s generosity is so deep, even with those whom we think unfit.
Mr Hendry, our organist, turned up to church even though he had a very scary experience last night (see previous blog). He is very thankful to Our Lord as the wound could have been much worse! I am sure that the playing of the organ this morning was one of thanksgiving.
After Lauds the church filled very quickly. We welcomed two families that brought their young ones for Holy Baptism.
Many assembled in the Hall for après Mass refreshments and a Walsingham Raffle was drawn in which everyone won a prize. Prizes varied from the humble mouth wash to Whiskey.
Some donations towards the new window started to come in - many thanks for your generosity. I joined our catering team who are making splendid plans for the special Lunch on our 150th birthday. More details to follow soon.
During the usual visit to the hospital one of the long term patients was waiting to see me and tell me that she will be moving to a nursing home very soon. She wanted to say good bye. I thanked her. This good lady has turned her bed of pain into a pulpit and altar; she ministers to other patients and also to the staff. I will always keep her in my prayers and I felt moved as I gave her a blessing. Another patient in another ward also is suffering with Christian fortitude and today told me that she is offering all the pain, which she really dislikes, for the Church and its unity. I really feel humbled as I meet these present day saints.
Back home to do the final preparations for the RE lessons tomorrow both at our school and at Sevenoaks County Primary. I look forward to them.
Finally Fr Mark joins the Society of Mary pilgrimage to Lourdes tomorrow. They will be joined by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Please keep Fr Mark and all other pilgrims in your prayers.
I hope you enjoy these pics and a video clip from this morning’s Sung Mass.

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