Saturday, 13 September 2008

Fr Mark and I have spent last evening and this morning at Oxford for the Vocations Conference organised by Forward in Faith and supported by the Catholic Societies of the Church of England. The conference which comes to an end tomorrow afternoon is being held at St Stephen’s House.
Fr John Brownsell SSC ably leads a team of priests to organise these conferences which are now in their 13th year. Some of the clergy present have themselves been on one of these conferences.
The conference started with Mass at 6pm followed by an address, Compline and meditation and some free time. This morning after Lauds and a good breakfast all set down for what looks like an exciting and full day. There is a very good vibe.
Last evening was led by the Bishop of Ebbsfleet. He was indeed inspiring in what he had to say. Being part of a group made of many men, mostly young, who are considering giving up everything to follow their call to the Sacred Priesthood, especially at this difficult time, is truly inspiring and encouraging. Please keep them in your prayers.
St Stephen’s House really made us welcome, and the Principal, Fr Robin Ward, joined us for Mass and Supper during which he gave all a very warm welcome. Today he will address the aspirants at greater length. I am also very grateful to the four seminarians who came to the House to welcome and look after us. Their hard work is appreciated. They have organised beautiful liturgies and produced an excellent booklet for all. They have to be commended for their love and dedication to the altar of God, I am sure that one day they will be fine priests. As you can see from the photographs the altar was set up to the Benedictine arrangement and had also the 7th candle. These may be small signs but they are encouraging as they are clear indications that a liturgical spring is in the air!

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Deacon Dale said...

Great to see pictures of my former college! And also good news about the number of potential ordinands. I hope Bishop Andrew was inspiring esp after all that has been going on?

Fr, would you mind providing a link to our fledgling blog which can be found at:

Kind regards.