Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Holy Guardian Angels

We give thanks to God today for the Angels he places over each one of us. It is a pity that so many Christians do not have devotion towards their own angel. Today's feast reminds us to reflect upon this wonderful gift that God gives to each and every one of us.

The brass cleaners where in church well before Lauds polishing and cleaning - thanks ever so much for your hard work.

After Lauds and Mass we had the first visit of Jolly Tots in church. This is a parent and child group that meets in our hall every Thursday, today was their 20th birthday. Lately we have partnered with this group and one way of this new relationship is a regular service in church. Our Pastoral Assistant, Jackie, is organising this wonderful venture. So on the feast of the Guardian Angels it was very special to have so many toddlers in church. We went round the church said a prayer and Jackie led the young ones in a song next to the Walsingham altar. Jackie also produced nice photographs of our Walsingham image and gave one to each child/parent. I look forward to more visits of Jolly Tots in church.

At the same time Fr Mark was adminstering the monthly communion at the Alpine Residential House.

Admin and study took the rest of the day, technician came to service the copier and as I write Carol is busy printing off the October Parish Mag.

I will be shortly going to Church to pray the Office of Readings, Vespers and the Salve. A pastoral meeting will bring to a close this day dedicated to our angels.

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