Saturday, 11 October 2008

Only jurisdiction will do!

From a negative cry yesterday to a resounding postive one today to the Church of England. Only jurisdiction will do. As Fr Jonathan Baker explained this is the only way we can remain in the Church of England on an equal place, a place that will allow us to flourish and grow as we preach with joy the Gospel of Christ.
A splendid day indeed which started with good Anglo-Catholic worship at St Alban's Holborn. Back to the auditorium the meeting was enriched by different contributions especially by three seminarians from St Stephen's House. They managed to change to the better the feel of the Assembley, they are indeed a credit to Fr Robin and the House. Seminarians from the same House ably served the morning Mass.
Forward in Faith is indeed a movement that has God's hand upon it. It brings together Anglo-Catholics at this difficult time, reminding us all the time about our duty of mission. It is a vibrant movement which constantly grows in numbers and strength. I am proud to be a member. Thanks be to God for its leaders.
The procedeeings are available here.

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