Sunday, 12 October 2008

XXVIII Sunday in Ordinary Time, and nothing ordinary about it.

Early Mass was the prelude for this fantastic and warm day. After Lauds we celebrated the Parish Mass, and a well attended Mass it was. We even had some new people whom we warmly welcome.
After Mass we all went down to the hall where the Servers launched their campaign to raise funds for the much needed new cassocks and cottas.
There was a cake stall, a Christmas hamper raffle, and for a £1 you could buy a balloon. Cards were attached to each balloon with one’s name on it. The one that arrives to the most distant destination will get a mystery prize. The servers treated all those who came to the hall with wine and cake. It was a very joyful event which made just over £300. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Thanks ever so much to Roy and his the team who worked so hard to make this event so successful. Thanks also to Graham and Richard, whilst people were enjoying themselves they fixed a broken glass pane.
I am just back from the Sunday hospital visit and will soon be back to church as tonight we have Rosary and Benediction.
It is lovely to see this congregation growing in numbers and coming together in joyful occasions, my hope and prayer is that as Anglo-Catholics we are given what we need so that we can continue to enjoy our common discipleship of Jesus Christ.

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