Friday, 24 October 2008

We parents will be celebrating in style this holiday. Are we lucky or what? The Government is ever so gracious. Our children will now be taught sex and relationships; whatever our convictions and faith it does not matter there is now a standard textbook somewhere which will ensure that our children know exactly what the government wants them to. (Does this smell of Russia in the 50’s or am I paranoid?) Media reassures us that children will learn about abortion (read right to access even behind parents back), contraceptives (read sex whenever one feels like) and homosexuality (read whatever you like).Celebrate, dear parents, that the kind state is taking off your shoulders the burden of teaching your children these facts of life we, it seems, are not capable. The state will ensure that kids who live on the Hills of the North or on the Southern Isles have the same information. This is so clinical! However, for me the straw on the camel’s back is the relationships bit, which we are reassured to know is the topic for five year olds – it gets better does it not? How sad when relationships are taught in school. Is our society so poor? Relationships you live them not learn them. One is taught manners, relationships we see and then mirror, adjust or avoid.
What we need is stable families, where a father and mother surround their children with love. Some mothers and fathers are really good at this, others fail badly; some give it their best shot. It is time to secure an environment that supports flourishing families. As the household of faith we have the duty to promote stable and healthy families and to support them in all the ways we can.
Sad isn’t it that the government, our government, spends money and time on this rather then helping families grow and flourish?

I had a really wonderful and productive day today. Thanks to Stuart for his hard work at producing our weekly pew sheet and to Carol for her work on the Parish Magazine. I had a very good meeting with our Director of Music; John is very professional and committed to our congregation.
As happens every Friday I enjoyed the time of silent prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament.
Worrying news arrived today concerning our friend Fr Martirii. He has been taken ill and is in hospital Thanks be to God he is now in a stable condition. Please do keep him in your prayers.


Little Black Sambo said...

Dead right! And I shall copy this most unscrupulously.

Richard said...

Sadly, many parents aren't capable of teaching their children properly about sex and relationships. So would you rather that children in those sorts of families remained completely uneducated about such things, thereby having irresponsible sex, followed by either a steep rise in the number of abortions or a generation full of orphans and single-parent families where there's no stability?

Sex education tries to reduce the risks of that kind of thing. Just because some parents are perfectly capable of teaching their children about wholesome sex and relationships, doesn't mean that there's no need for schools to help those less fortunate. It's not perfect, but it's actually trying to help people. It's not an attempt to undermine society, honest.