Thursday, 23 October 2008

We pray for the dead and especially so by offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We do this because we believe that the departed are alive with God. Though dead they are part of the Church, in a state of purification before they are admitted into the Beatific Vision. This state of purification is known as Purgatory. Once they are admitted in heaven they then pray for us. It is our duty to help the Holy Souls by our prayers as we are all bound together in what is known as the Communion of Saints.
Today was our monthly Requiem and it was offered on the altar of the Guild of All Souls. Next to this altar we have our Book of Remembrance. A light keeps vigil above this book as a sign of our constant care and love for those who have hallowed our holy building with their prayers and witness.
Today was spent in preparation time for the Sunday sermon and in putting together devotional material that may be used in our church.
After Vespers, which today I shared with Frances, the Parish Administrator handed me several letters that she has prepared to be sent out to various friends as we prepare for our celebrations next month. Signing those letters I have realised how much time the Administrator has freed up for me to do other important things. Thank you.
At the moment here it is all go for our Sesquicentennial celebrations. A week today our Parish Exhibition will open its doors and then it is non stop till Advent I. Scary to realise that Christmas is just round the corner! And on that happy note…

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