Monday, 24 November 2008

As I prepare for the day when we celebrate the Martyrs of Vietnam and see that all the lesson plans for RE in schools are ready, I continue to reflect on Christ our King and pray that his Kingdom may come – Adveniat regnum tuum!
I also reflect that being King is being Sovereign Lord, and as I think of children I think about Him as Lord of Life, and I think about the many other children I could have met today but they were not allowed to share the fellowship of other children and the school as they were aborted! This brings in a cloud of sadness especially as I remember a story I have heard from a mother of a Down syndrome beautiful and happy child. When this mother was pregnant and the usual tests done, on finding out that this child would have Down syndrome (testing the yet to be - how much like the Nazi regime!) she was offered more support if she went for an abortion (or as the trendy seculars now call it - termination) then, as she did, if she kept the child. Is this right? Should this happen in our developed country where everything seems to be protected except babies. And it is in this puzzlement that I will look at Christ the King today, maybe similar to the puzzlement of the Martyrs of Vietnam, and I will look around the children I will teach today and pray for those others who could have been there.

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