Sunday, 23 November 2008

Christ the Universal King

Christ the King is a feast day of hope. No wonder it originated in a big way during the persecutions in Mexico. Recall Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro, Priest and member of the Society of Jesus. Facing the firing squad, his only crime being a Catholic priest, he outstretched his arm and said: Viva Cristo Rey! – Long live Christ the King. Those last words of Fr Pro where stronger than the round of fired bullets, they etched themselves into the consciousness of the Church throughout the world and the feast of Christ the King established. For those who are in a minority, marginalised or persecuted the feast of Christ the Universal King brings hope. It speaks to us, at a deeper level, about eschatology, about working to bring the reign of Faith in this world – a kingdom of justice, mercy and peace. On a lighter level it encourages the persecuted and marginalised as they cast their eyes upon their unconquerable leader. It brings us face to face with the sweet Christ the real and only King whom we can only approach on our knees, a symbolic posture that shows the inward reality of humility, nothingness and total abandon in his hands. Is it not sad when one meets Christians who are not willing to kneel in front of Christ and not because of dodgy knees or frailty? Poor disillusioned Christians!
We kneel in front of our King as we acknowledge our nothingness – that is our starting point. We kneel in front of Christ to respond to His invitation to work for His kingdom. We kneel in front of Christ in faith accepting the mysterious will of God. We kneel in front of Christ with empty hands and in silence just looking at Him and He at us. We kneel in front of Him accepting His teaching in its totality without questions but in total love. We kneel embracing Him and He embracing us – the long lost sheep that thirsts for Him. Is there any better hope then this. During this week let our background prayer be: Thy Kingdom come ! Adveniat Regnum tuum! And let us do that meekly kneeling upon our knees. May His Kingdom come in our hearts and in His Church.

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