Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Mass wasJustify Full at school today. Fr Mark led us to reflect about Christ the King and what kind of king he is. The well behaved children responded with enthusiasm and the serving team done us proud. Jackie led the singing and one of the pupils led the intercessions. We were joined by some members of our congregation and Jez volunteered to be our photographer.
Fr Mark will be burying (or rather cremating) the dead today while I am engaged in different pastoral work.
This evening the School Governing Body will meet for some in service training and the servers will come to the office to do some more work on their fund raising scheme.
I think today about the excellent contacts we have with the children in the Parish: a successful Sunday school, two schools, Jolly Tots, First Words and Scouts. That is almost 250 children per week! Keep us in your prayers as we consolidate this ministry!

Practising the reading

The start of Mass

The Gospel

The SermonThe prayers
The Consecration

The Final Blessing

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