Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Virgin & Martyr

St Catherine of Alexandria, Virgin and Martyr is the saint we venerate today. St Catherine is a much loved saint all round the world and her courage is an inspiration to so many. Guarding her Virginity in the context of a hedonistic world cost Catherine her life amidst the most horrific tortures, but for Catherine her virginity was the gift to Christ, she was a flower securely planted in the Mystic garden and she did what she could to ensure that no one stepped on the sacred ground reserved to her Master and Joy. Catherine triumphed and today we share in her costly victory. This image above was created in the early years of the 20th century and shows the mystic marriage between Christ and Catherine. Our Lady is both witness and enabler, the whole company of heaven rejoice in the triumph of purity and the passer by is invited to enter into the whole movement and grow in intimacy with Christ. May her intercession and example inspire us in our Christian discipleship.
I pray to her to bless and preserve the innocence of the children I have been working with yesterday, as usual they are a joy and delight. In one school we looked at one of the parables and wrote down our prayers, in another school we looked at Baptism and its meaning in the journey of faith, the first lesson in a series that will reflect on the Sacraments.
Today Fr Mark will lead Collective Worship in school. As you see we are working hard with our schools communicating to our young ones the Christian narrative, becoming aware of the fertile ground and possibilities in some of them, praying that some parents will move to bring them our way more and more. But even before that together with Jackie, our Pastoral Assistant, we are working with pre school children and their parents and also sowing the seed there. Please, wherever you are, do support our work by your prayers.

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