Sunday, 9 November 2008

Remembrance Sunday

Both masses today were Requiems for those who lost their lives during wars. At the10am Sung Mass we had the Act of Remembrance. In it we remembered by name those who were members of this congregation and died in the last two world conflicts, among them two priests. Our Act of Remembrance was led by Charles who served in the Navy in 1942. Following the two minute silence he laid the wreath at the foot of the crucifix in the name of the whole congregation. The Act of Remembrance was a moving moment for all of us.
This evening our youth group BOBs met in their new time slot of 4 – 6pm.
This week is all taken by the preparations for our big day on Sunday. Many thanks to all those who are involved in the hard work of preparation, it promises to be a true feast!

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