Friday, 9 January 2009

The UN resolution for a ceasefire in Gaza has passed, 14 in favour, none against and one abstention – the US. How can one abstain from supporting a ceasefire betrays a deeper reality, but as they say in Italy – al buon intenditore poche parole; (for the receptive listener few words are needed). Nothing can justify the rocket launching by Hamas and in a similar way nothing can justify the Israeli response, it is not every day that organisations like Red Cross make it their business to point out that certain governments have gone against international law, and yet they said so about Israel.
It is easy to speak from the armchair, wherever that armchair may be. By miracle I contacted a Catholic friend in Gaza. Living for days awaiting a cruel and painful death any minute now is beyond my understanding. Having three hours for the last couple of days in which to buy bread and salt and bury the dead, thinking that tomorrow this might be you is something I can not understand either. The only person that those living this daily hell had hope in was Condoleezza Rice. They knew that if she said so the Israelis would have stopped. But she was the only one to abstain – do not put your trust in princes, my friend said. He ended our conversation by saying: “Will you remember me when I die?” I said I shall but I was glad that Skype was interrupted.
Please continue to pray for the Holy Land.

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ex_fide said...

Excellent post Father! Thank you for showing us how broad our spiritual interests ought to be, and that we shouldn't shy away from holding political opinions motivated by our faith.