Tuesday, 10 February 2009

In Rupert Shortt’s biography of Archbishop Rowan we read (pgs 276-7) about the archbishop’s unclarity that can “cause different people to think that he means different things.” Shortt quotes another former colleague: “This means that often, unless you listen very, very (sic) carefully to what he is saying, you can emerge from a meeting thinking that he agrees with you, even if this is not necessarily the case.”
These words came back to my mind as I listened to his address to General Synod which you can read here.
Regarding the admittance of women to the episcopate and proper provision for those who can not, out of obedience, accept this innovation he said many things or so the impression is. In fact he has said nothing illuminating. He has not, today, given any lead or pointed a way forward. As we live in hope I trust that maybe these words are paving the way to something else in the future.

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