Wednesday, 11 February 2009

On numbers

Here is a comment from "The Times online" blog of Ruth Gledhill as she follows General Synod:
"12.40. Synod votes to send measure to revision committee. Figures are 281 for, 114 against and 13 abstentions. Even if the 13 who abstained were persuaded to vote in favour, that is still a few votes short of the two-thirds majority that will be needed in three or four years when it all comes back for the final vote. Is it really possible it will fail at the last hurdle, that all this will in the end have been to no avail?"
Given that in 1992 only one vote got through the admittance of women to the priesthood this signifies that almost 17 years later opinion has moved to our favour rather than against us. We need to keep on praying togther for a structural solution that will enable the CofE to move forward in integrity. Only that will do as a Code of Practice is not fit for purpose. Now is the time for Anglo-Catholics to stand up for Jesus and the Faith he left to his Holy Catholic Church.

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