Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Last night saw the end of a very succesful series called Credo '08. This was a twelve monthly session exploring the twelve phrases that make up the Apostles Creed. For every session we had a different speaker. Thanks to all of them that enabled us to look closely at the basics of our faith. They spoke with conviction and faith and offered to us new insights and fresh approaches to the basics of our faith. Last night was the turn of Fr Geoffrey Kirk SSC who spoke brilliantly about life everlasting and the need to recapture the language that we lost as we speak about life beyond death.
The sessions were all well supported and plans are afoot for something on similar lines for the new academic year.
This week brings to an end a very intensive period for the Parish Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Most things are in place now and all pilgrims are looking forward for this experience that will truly bring to an end the Year of Grace.
This evening I have spoken to some members of the catholic group in synod. About the issue which is so vital for us there are some important things to note. As all the Manchester proposals are now in revision stage technically all is up for grabs, to quote one. Many who are in favour of the innovation will not support a mere Code of Practice and definitely not a single clause measure. The good news is that some outside the catholic group spoke for a structural solution. More good news is that from three members of Synod representing the CofE Youth Council, two have joined the Catholic group.
If there ever was a need for one today has been a clear call for Anglo-Catholics to fight any complacency and involve themselves in all structures of the CofE so that their voice can be heard. It will be of no surprise to anyone to say that this might be the greatest battle that those who uphold the Catholic Faith in the CofE will ever face. Now is time for prayer, courage and fearless witness. We stand for Jesus and nothing will make us shy away.

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