Thursday, 12 February 2009

During yesterday’s debate in Synod I found the intervention of the Archbishop of York very interesting.
He started by saying that he belongs to a particular tribe in his home country and that gave him identity. But now he belongs to the tribe of Jesus Christ. Though Jesus lived in a culture dominated by tribes (the twelve tribes of Israel), he never mentioned a tribe but always spoke of a kingdom. The twelve apostles also moved away from the notion of tribe and spoke about people and kingdom. I feel uncomfortable with talk of tribes. Does it mean that traditionalists are of a different tribe? What made me think of this is when in the same intervention he said that those who have a problem with him laying hands on a woman can go. Now this is neither worthy for members of the same tribe and definitely not worthy for members of the same kingdom, living members of the one body of Christ.
After the sad debate in July last year, many told me how touched they were that the Archbishop of York joined the members of the catholic group in solidarity. That is why I find what he said yesterday interesting.

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