Thursday, 12 February 2009

This is from the website of Church of England Youth Council (link to the left of web page).
At a full meeting of the Church of England Youth Council (CEYC) on the 22nd November 2008 the following motion fell by a vote of 14 to 4 with two abstentions and a number of delegates who declined to exercise their vote. The CEYC disagree to the motion passed by Synod in July 2008 regarding the Ordination of women to the episcopate. We believe that legislation should go through with the simplest provision for women’s ministry in the episcopate. This is following a previous motion on the consecration of women to the episcopate in 2005 which was passed by a general vote of the CEYC.
William Fittall, Secretary General to the Archbishops’ Council, and Rebecca Swinson, Youth Council Representative on General Synod, addressed the attending delegates of the CEYC concerning the history of the matter of the consecration of women to the episcopate at General Synod.
All three main views were represented among the CEYC: those who agreed with the resolution passed at General Synod in July 2008; those who feel that there should be a greater provision made for those who for whatever reason are unable to accept the ministry of women as bishops and those who are in favour of less or no provision. However, most of CEYC were in favour of the code of practice that has been proposed by General Synod; subject to reservations regarding the exact wording of the code of practice.
CEYC would like to stress its desire to maintain the universality of the Anglican Communion and the Church of England in particular. CEYC would like to express their hope that Synod will reach a fitting resolution to this matter.

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