Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Lenten journey takes a new dimension as we enter into Passiontide, which of course is still part of Lent. Crosses are covered as are statues and other holy images. The austere look of the church enables us to enter into the liturgical spirit as we get ready for Holy Week. It teaches us about the need to put away all extra things we have taken on and focus on what is essential, and at this time it is the cross of Jesus, the life-giving cross, the cross which is our only hope – O crux, ave spes unica!
This week we are invited to stand with Mary and John at the foot of the cross and with silent eyes we read this greatest love story ever written and learn how to live the cross, breath the cross and lift it high to proclaim its love.
Fr Mark celebrated Early Mass while I celebrated the Sung Mass. Roger delivered a wonderful homily at both Masses. The attendance was excellent and we had baptism and wedding enquires. After Mass the congregation thanked Jez and wished him well as he starts a new life abroad.
The Annual General Meeting of Parishioners took place in which our hard working churchwardens were re-elected. PCC members were elected too. We discussed our church finances and spoke about the fabric of the church with the many exciting new features planned. Above all else we thought about Pastoral issues, our mission, the Parish Visiting and the admittance of children to Holy Communion before Confirmation.
After lunch I had a home communion and the visit to the hospital where I enjoyed a conversation with a faithful Christian patient and other people.
It was then time for the well supported five o’clock Church and today we reflected on the Beatitudes as our identity.
At 7pm the children who went to Walsingham for their week end pilgrimage arrived back happy and exhausted. Three cheers for the leaders: Amy, Michael and Liz!

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